“User-focused software and beautiful, engaging digital experiences are my forté”

As a technology specialist, I have always been pushing the envelope creatively and technologically to craft remarkable software. I employ my expertise in


(I’m happy that my field always gives me something new, challenging to learn. My tendency to stay perpetually curious has helped me keep pace with, among other aspects of life, with software. I believe striving to be different will never get clichéd, and I take every effort possible to stand out. The thought that success follows excellence relaxes me. And I find processors and memories more desirable in humans than in computing devices.)

My work doesn’t stop when my clients start getting happy. It’s where it begins – to give them what they should thank me for, later, and to stay with them as they grow, evolve.

(I work with clients whose vision I can support with my ideas, creativity and expertise. My evaluation of my work is based more on the impact I have on businesses rather than just the amount of time I’ve worked with them.)

(When not thinking about clients, I write to contribute to the technology community.)

(I’m wary of two things – dreaming too much and dreaming too little, and I’m more wary of the latter.)

(Lastly, I’m not without my flaws – I make the odd mistake, but I learn quick.)

(I am more. You are, too.)

I am currently available for hire.