Join The Team

NBRL is a young group that works at the interface of nanomaterials, engineering and biology. We offer a wide spectrum of training opportunities in the following areas: nanofabrication, transducer development, solid-state devices, surface functionalisation, analytical electrochemistry, microfluidics, biosensing, disease diagnosis, electronics and heathcare devices.

Postdoctoral researcher

Candidates with strong background in nanomaterial design and/or biosensing during their Ph.D./ post Ph.D. are encouraged to discuss possibilities of applying for a fellowship or external fund to work at NBRL. To apply for this position, please send your CV and a list of references to the PI, Nikhil Bhalla ([email protected]).

Prospective PhD students

Students with strong background in engineering (electronic engineering, nanoscale engineering, biomedical engineering), material science and photonics are welcomed. Excellent students with other majors such as medical science, surface chemistry and biological sciences are also encouraged to contact Nikhil Bhalla ([email protected]) for potential openings.

Undergraduate Researchers

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate researchers to join our interdisciplinary group. Interested in joining us: Please email your resume and transcripts to Nikhil Bhalla ([email protected]).

Visiting Researchers/Internship opportunities

NBRL welcomes senior researchers (professors/other academic or industrial experts), interns (students) for short term visits (from 3-12 months). Please note that the visit has to be self-funded or candidates are welcome to discuss their applications for external support to join NBRL. Contact, Nikhil Bhalla ([email protected])