Nikhil Bhalla

Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral Scholars/Research Associates

PhD students
  1.  Zoe Bradley – (support by Department of Economy, Northern Ireland)
  2.  Amandeep Kaur – (supported by Commonwealth Scholarhship)

Masters/Undergraduate students

  1. Vincent Velasco
  2. Liam Deeham
  3. Nishashree Thangamalar Ramanathan
  4. Alan Karol
  5. Thomas Doran
  6. Catherine Green

Past Members

Postdoctoral Scholars/Research Associates

  1. Dr. Preetam Sharma –  Now Research Associate in University College London, UK
  2. Dr. Joana Ward –  Now Assistant Professor, Ulster University, UK
  3. Ms. Zoe Bradley (KTP-Associate)- Now PhD student in Ulster University, UK
  4. Dr. Srinivasu Valagerahally Puttaswamy (Main supervisor: Prof James A. McLaughlin)- Now Research Associate at University of Hertfordshire, UK
  5.  Dr. Ankur Kambley – Now in Ulster University, UK 

Research Visitors

  1. Yeeun Song (supported by Korean Government)
  2. Yu-Cheng Yang (supported by Royal Society)
  3. Aravind Satheesh (Overseas researcher, British Council supported)

Masters students

  1. Mark McGrath (MSc, Electronic Engineering)- ‘Extended gate FETs for biosensing’
  2. Rajnishkumar Jayrambhai Bagul (MSc, Biomedical Engineering)- ‘Analytical models for biosensing’
  3. Kyle Harvey  (MEng, Electronic Engineering) – ‘Carbon vs gold nanomaterials for sensing applications’
  4. Muhammad Arslan Shahid (MSc, Biomedical Engineering) – ‘Analytical models for biosensors’
  5. Amrutha Deepthi (MSc, Biomedical Engineering)- Simulating a simple electrical biosensor
  6. Vivek Parmar (MSc, Mechanical Engineering)- Analysis of stored water in plastic bottles in fridge

Undergraduate students

  1. Daniel McBride (BEng, Mechatronic Engineering) – ‘ Simulation of insect-nanoparticle microenvirnoments’
  2. Diarmuid Cairns (BEng, Electronic Engineering) – ‘Finite element analysis of low refractive index materials’
  3. Cassie McClure (BEng, Biomedical Engineering) – ‘LSPR for medical sensing applications’
  4. Ciarrai McCann (BEng, Biomedical Engineering)- ‘ Mathematical modelling of infectious disease’
  5. Benjamin Long (BEng, Electronic Engineering)- ‘Simulation of FET biosensors’
  6. Fulin Ge (BEng, Electronic Engineering)- ‘Inflection point analysis of potentiometric sensors’
  7.  Glenn Devlin (BEng, Electronic Engineering) – ‘Biosensing using voltametry’
  8.  Sean Mckay (BEng, Electronic Engineering) – ‘QCM sensing with nanoparticles’
  9. Cianan McCann (BEng, Electronic Engineering) – ‘Microwave sensing in liquids’
  10.  David Cunningham (BEng, Electronic Engineering) – ‘LSPR sensing with gold and silver nanoparticles’