Love’s Not For Me
The Truth or Me
My Cryptoscientist Girlfriend
The Crypto Poem
Jab They Hum Sifar
Phenk de tera chashma


There once was a guy named Nikhil
Who lived in a wadi called Chikkal
He tried to get flirty
with friends and got dirty
Never knew he would land in a pickle

Love’s Not For Me

If it means doing all that’s right
If it’s waiting till you’re in sight
Then love’s not for me

Only people in love have felt pain
So for starters I wept in the rain
But they said it’s a lucky bargain
Now if life’s going to be more pain than glee
Then love’s just not for me

But pain is inherent to life
Yet I’m searching an end to this strife
For my troubles ain’t the size of a pea
May be love’s not for me.

Yet if someone is willing to hold
my hand till the shadows unfold
And is happy to see me be free
Then love just could be for me

She turns when she sees me so cold
Never thought it would this way unfold
Can she prove she has a heart of gold?
And my eyes widen

But what happens is for no one to see
Yet I look for a possibility bleak
for a heart that takes no time to beat
And when she’d join in for every conference meet
I’d know I am for love, and love is for me.

The Truth or Me

One of those times when you felt lonely,
What did you want – the truth or me

Yes I was mean when I had first seen
you but I swear looked like a dream
It was a plan, I thought you’d und’stand,
Why didn’t they teach that at IIT
What did you want, the truth or me

Next when we met, I sure can bet,
One heart was racing, one broke no sweat
Then when you left, I felt a theft,
My heart was gone, yours I didn’t fetch
Why couldn’t you get past my fake ID
What did you want, the truth or me

Yes I have lied to get by your side,
The time I was with you, it was a ride
Why did you (screech)… pull the brake on me
How could you do this to me
Just how could you do this to me..

My Cryptoscientist Girlfriend

My heart went for a ride, when our hashes did collide
It’s just crypto baby, there’s really nothing to hide
Like the RSA primes, my love has no end
Now if you allow me to decrypt you, please, my cryptoscientist girlfriend

My life before I met you, was a monoalpha cipher all right
T’was when you made it a one-time pad that you gave me a reason to fight
Cuz now with you and crypto, I have someone on whom I can depend
Just don’t ‘security-through-obscurity’ me, oh, my cryptoscientist girlfriend.

The Crypto Poem

What is human nature if not cryptography?
It’s all that we need to make us wanna be.

Often what we speak means rather little,
like nulls around plaintext, ready to wrestle.
We substitute our values for things that matter the least,
we transpose priorities and conceal for fear of the beast.

Trust us to play it one-way and make a hash of things,
pen the next attack, make it uneasy for some beings.
So here’s a toast to crypto, a beer if it agrees,
and to us crypto junglees, coz it’s where we hunt the keys.

Life held my hand up front
and then two worlds it named,

The first spoke riches and money
the other cried wealth and fame.

Met I, then, with a third form
Name is what it sought

The writing, then was on the wall
destruction is all it wrought.

Jab They Hum Sifar

Jab they hum sifar
Nahin thi koi fikar
Aur sapnon ke mahal sajaya karte they

Aaj jab hai khabar
Nahin hai woh nazar
Jo dekhein pari mahal ki hai kaisi

Jab they hum sifar
Chadhta tha asar
Dheere dheere jaise chadhe sooraj

Aaj jab hai pakad
Liya armaanon ko jakad
Na jaane yeh bandhan tootega kabhi

Jab they hum sifar
Jaante they agar
Toda dil kisi ka toh hogi qayamat

Aaj jab hai magaj
Karte nahin kharach
Usey jiski wajah se zinda hain hum

Jab hum they sifar…

Phenk de tera chashma

Phenk de tera chashma
Chashma tera bekaar hai
Do aankhon ki goli
Yeh do dhaari talwaar hai

Sapne hai khoob dikhati
Rangeen iska mijaaz hai
Rakh dein nikaal ke
toh Black and white salwaar hai

Kamini hai iski aankhein
Phoolon se isko pyaar hai
Dekh iski nazron se
Sab apni hi motiyaar hain

Kabhi toh taan le bandook
Yeh tera hi hathyaar hai
Pistaul se kaam nahin chalta
Yahaan AK se hota waar hai

Toh phenk de tera chashma
Agar tu mera yaar hai
Tabhi toh dikhegi asliyat
Teri duniya ke bahar bhi ek sansaar hai