Nikhil x Numbers


This page describes me in numbers.

No. of years in work experience: 1.5

No. of programming languages I’m familiar with: 5

No. of database management systems I’m familiar with: 5

No. of educational degrees: 2

No. of companies I’ve worked for: 2

No. of internships: 1

No. of industry projects:

No. of college projects:

No. of freelance projects: 1

No. of websites I’ve developed: 4? 5?

No. of mobile apps I’ve developed: 1

No. of technical conferences attended: 1

No. of talks given: 1

No. of workshops: 2

No. of blogs I maintain: 2

My graduation percentage: 70

My post-graduation percentage: 63

Year I was born: 1986

Year I completed my graduation: 2008

Year I completed my post graduation: 2011

No. of open-source contributions: 1

as of December 7, 2015