More About Me


I am a software developer living in Pune, Maharashtra, and I craft user-focused, engaging digital experiences. 

My skills and experience in web development and digital marketing help me develop reliable, well-documented, state-of-the-art products that are appreciated not just by clients but also by the developer community.

When not thinking about clients, I write to contribute to the technology community and maintain a page about my original quotes.

You can check out more about my professional self in my résumé. You can also have a glance into my activities via numbers.

If you are interested in working with me, do contact me here.


I have worked on projects in the event management space, and in music and government sectors. I specialize in the web, and have good experience in developing neat user interfaces, functionalities and mobile app APIs for products. I have also worked on websites and blogs for businesses, have deployed eCommerce solutions for stores and have done digital marketing creatives for brands. My technical skills include, but are not limited to PHP, Java, C#, WordPress (with WooCommerce), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, MailChimp, Wufoo.

I work with clients whose vision I can support with my ideas, creativity and expertise. My evaluation of my work is based more on the impact I have on businesses rather than just the amount of time I have worked with them.

About the Blog

Having begun in 2012, the purpose of my blog is to educate people trying to establish software businesses and/or careers, and alternatively to serve as a place where I document all that I have learned. Here, you can find me writing on:

Business Development:
Learnings from my personal business experiences

Web Development:
Insights and opinions on technologies and practices that shape the web

Digital Strategy & Marketing:
Thoughts that include but are not restricted to landing pages, email marketing and SEO

Insights and observations on quirky people, places and adventures in India’s most loved sport

Information Security & Cryptography:
Views and reviews on my budding interest in cryptography, especially on historical encryption:

  • RSA Conference – Cryptographers’ Panel in Review – a series on the yearly proceedings of the Cryptographers’ Track at RSA Conference, a premier information security conference
  • a take on evolving security technologies from the ground up
  • reviews on cryptography fiction and non-fiction
  • a bit of crypto humour

Rap & Hip-hop: Views and reviews on prominent aspects of hip-hop:

  • A collection of select events in hip-hop
  • Perspectives and reviews on hip-hop in various media (books, movies, TV etc.)
  • A peek into the evolution of the culture at numerous places across the globe

Career and Self-Improvement:
Career learnings, challenges and solutions; also tips on self advancement

A personal touch:
A deep dive into my experiences both in the professional sphere as well on the non-professional front.

I tend to come up with quotes that summarize my viewpoints at different junctures in my life.

Twisted, interesting observations on all that strikes my natural lenses

Site Concept – How it all came about

This site started out in 2012 as a blog. And though its focus now is largely on technology, at the time it was primarily an outlet for my personal thoughts and experiences. That soon gave way to a few moderately technical articles on web development. To the blogging community, I was a completely unknown commodity back then. Writing on technology then became my way of keeping notes – assembling information from various web sources and trying to make sense of it for myself.

Now, after having sort of settled down with this blog, my aim is to produce original content and contribute to the technology community.

You can have a look at the tools and services that are used to run this site.

Other blogs

Cricket Quirks
Insights and observations on quirky people, places and adventures in India’s most loved sport

Hip-Hop Rewind
Views and reviews on prominent aspects of hip-hop:

  • A collection of select events in hip-hop
  • Perspectives and reviews on hip-hop in various media (books, movies, TV etc.)
  • A peek into the evolution of the culture at numerous places across the globe

Nikhil Reckons
My opinions and musings on entertainment (TV, Movies, the like)

Nikhil Uninhibited
Very personal thoughts on all that is going on in my life

Zero Plans
The story of my unplanned escapades

The Professional Me

I am happy that my field always gives me something new, challenging to learn. My educational degrees (I am a Master in Computer Applications) along with my tendency to stay perpetually curious have helped me keep pace, among other aspects of software, with web development. I believe striving to be different will never get clichéd, and I take every effort possible to stand out. The thought that success follows excellence relaxes me. And I find processors and memories more desirable in humans than in computing devices.

I also have an interest in information security and cryptography with an inclination towards its history i.e. classical encryption and cryptanalysis. A few of my activities in the field:

  • Have developed an Anglo-German standalone e-learning program for implementing classical codes and ciphers during my Masters’ internship to facilitate teaching M.Sc. students of a city college
  • Have been reviewing the yearly RSA Conference‘s Cryptographers’ Panel discussion since 2013
  • Have presented a poster at a national conference on a proposed system for an e-learning platform for historical codes and ciphers during my internship. Also presented a talk on the same topic at a national level technical fest
  • Have contributed to the documentation of the CrypTool open-source cryptography e-learning project in 2013 and supplied my testimonial to the project’s web site
  • Have been a member of the American Cryptogram Association (2012-13)
  • Have been a member of The Crypto Forum – a discussion community about cryptography and cryptanalysis since 2010
  • Have reviewed Cryptographic Analysis Program (CAP) on invitation by Dr. Richard Spillman, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pacific Lutheran University in 2013
  • Have suggested minor improvements in Atul Kahate’s book Cryptography & Network Security – 2nd Edition
  • Have maintained a collection of above 3000 books in the field including a few rare ones and the first 20 issues of Cryptologia

The Personal Me

I like the web, cricket, rap, hiphop, cryptography, trains, blogging, quotes, reading, poems.

You might also like to know:

  • am a sucker for the web. Platforms come and go – the web will stay
  • Android is the platform I would next like to develop mobile apps for
  • have a penchant for categorizing information in detail. I love making timelines and taxonomies
  • know elementary German
  • can quickly recreate any tune on the synthesizer
  • once used to design ambigrams and create my own cipher alphabets
  • won a CDAC shirt on answering a question (What does ‘CERT’ stand for?) in a CDAC workshop conducted in my college
  • appreciate Harsha Bhogle’s cricket commentary and maintain a collection of his most interesting quotes
  • love rap & hip-hop – I owe half of my English vocabulary to cricket commentary and the other half to rap. Plus, I can perform Eminem’s 6-minute Rap God with few interruptions
  • performed Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ impromptu at my Masters’ alumni function
  • do read, though rarely. Check out some of the books I’ve read
  • Pen to paper – check out my poems
  • like sci-fi and psychological thriller movies
  • am a decent vegetable chopper

I think a lot, maybe more than I should. And am wary of two things – dreaming too much and dreaming too little, but I am more wary of the latter. My philosophy and goal in life is to be as free as possible, to take calculated risks at regular intervals and to enjoy both the tough and pleasant moments in life. And yes, I like people who identify with my pun-ny, intellectual style of humour.

Lastly, I am not without my flaws – I make mistakes, but I learn quick.

That’s a bit about me then. For a glimpse into the blog, you can check out my list of recommended content.

If you have anything you want to say to me or want to work with me, you can get in touch on Twitter, LinkedIn or via email.

Have a nice time here.