Make a difference with ‘You’

You, yes, you.

It’s you I’m talking to.

You are the one who will make my ordinary story extraordinary.

You are the lucky one…

Huh! What?

Ok. Fine.

I agree.

Ok. I promise. I’ll stop acting like a marketing maverick. Ok?

But doesn’t any product,good or service need some publicity?

Can’t it do with some good ol’ marketing?

Oops! Sorry again.

I forgot my promise.

Now onwards I’ll definitely stop behaving like a marketing agent.


So… where were we?


Now I get it.

Now I know why I’m not a marketing agent.

Marketing is a job. A job done for money. And in money, everythin’s fair, isn’t it? Yeah?

Not in my stories.

I’m not selling my stories.

Now you know why I’m not a marketing agent.

Marketing is done with the mind.

Writing… no! Good writing…is done from both the mind and the heart.

Mostly straight from the heart.

Now you know…

All things said and done, let’s come to the point.

Let me tell you a story.

Your friend tells you he wants you to accompany him for a cool new movie. You want to see the movie. Oh yes, you do. But not with THAT friend. You certainly know who you want to watch it with. Your friend persuades. You agree.

At the theatre:
The movie’s good, the popcorn’s tasty. Even the coke. The ambience? Fantastic! The ticket? Morning show dude. Cheapest tickets. Everything’s perfect.
Whoa. Yippee.


No? Why? You said everything’s perfect, didn’t you?

Yes you did. But…

But what?

Yes… You wanted to watch it with someone else. Not your friend.

End of story.

Moral of the story: No matter how goodthe story is, you won’t enjoy unless your soul mate is holding your hand.

No, that was not a joke.

No matter how good (or for that matter, how bad) a story is, I know you won’t like it.

You won’t enjoy it unless you have that special someone holding your hand. Someone special who can make your entire experience worthwhile. That someone is the only person you trust in and out. With that person, there are no inhibitions, no dramas, no reticence.

I know that person.

That person is YOU.


Now, do the following:

1. Spare yourself sometime.

2. Get nostalgic.

3. Get yourself a drink.

4. Lay down on the couch.

5. Close the curtains. Make sure no one’s noticing.

6. Close the door.

7. Put on some dim lights.

All set?



Don’t have a drink? Can’t lay yourself on that non-existent couch? Can’t locate the curtains?
And where is the goddamn door?

The door, my friend, is right in front of you.

Hold your hands. Connect with yourself. Enjoy your own company. Because sometimes, you are all you have.

All you have to do to enjoy my books, or any book for that matter any book is to constantly be in touch with that charismatic someone special. That someone whom you fail to be with most of the time.


You are all it takes to make this story memorable.

Believe in the story. Most people cannot enjoy stories as they do not splurge into the depths of the characters,simply waiting to jump to conclusions. To them, the destination is significant,not the journey. Don’t do that. Attest the greatest importance to the journey of the story.

Feel the characters of the story. Anticipate their behavior.

Ask questions. Your inquisitiveness is the only way the author knows you’re really interested.

Finally, remember that you are the reason for liking my story as well as disliking it. Your desire to read will be as instrumental to the success of my story as the quality of my writing.

Go ahead… make a difference.

Speak your mind