This disclaimer policy for the site nikhilbhalla.wordpress.com is valid from January 1, 2012.

Blog content

Some of the technical posts on this website/blog can tend to be non-original and can borrow directly from different sources (of course not without crediting those sources at the end of the blog post). For instance, some posts may have portions of documentation from a technology website posted directly on this blog.

Such borrowing may not be construed as plagiarism as I am not claiming that the borrowed content is my own (and as mentioned before, am and will credit any such sources). Also, there are reasons why I have continued with such borrowing of portions of content from other websites into this blog.

Firstmost, such borrowing eliminates any misinterpretation that might arise out of the re-wording of any original content borrowed from external websites to this blog, that would have to be done so as to avoid plagiarism in the first place.

Also, though hyperlinks are used on this blog to point to original sources whenever feasible, some technical posts can include content directly borrowed from other web sites for the sole reason of maintaining the continuity and flow of content in such posts on this blog. For instance, hyperlinks to external pages that are aimed at getting readers to focus only on certain sections of those pages can sometimes get them confused and out-of-context after they are exposed to those hyperlinked external pages in their entirety.

Linking to external URLs sometimes makes readers search for specific sections in those pages that you may want them to view in the context of your blog post

Efforts are on to mitigate the direct inclusion of external content in this blog. Until then, if you have any issues with the content, you can contact me at [email protected].


Written content, images and other media sourced from external sources are given due credit wherever possible/necessary.

Terms of Use

All information provided on and taken from your blog is at your own risk.

Information Ownership

The thoughts expressed in this blog are my own, but are accompanied by those from other blogs and websites.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, I, Nikhil Bhalla, am NOT the legal copyright owner of all content on this blog.

If you have any copyright related issues with the content in this blog, you can email at [email protected] with appropriate evidence. Such concerns will be addressed with all due considerations at the earliest.

Hold Harmless

I am not liable if the site is temporarily or permanently suspended without notice due to technical issues or those beyond my control.

Content updation policy

I may keep updating old posts on a regular basis. These updates may not state what updates are being made.

Privacy Policy

I will not sell any of your personal or contact information to another company. I will not put your’ information on spam lists. But also, I am not responsible for the privacy policies of any of the blog commenters. Like most websites, this site automatically collects and use analytical data collected by WordPress.com like the number of page and post views, referrers, search engine terms, link clicks, the location of visitors.

WordPress.com does use cookies. Here is its cookie policy.

Rights Reservation

I reserve the right to change the focus of this blog, to edit or delete controversial comments, to shut it down, sell it or to change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at my own discretion.

Advertisers and Sponsors

No advertisement or sponsoring is being carried out by this blog (at this point in time).


Letters to the Editor

Emails to me in the context of this blog may be shared, but only after permission from the original email sender. Also, I will not spam you with unwanted and unsolicited email.

Prohibited Actions

You agree not to interrupt, or attempt to interrupt, the operation of the blog in any way.

Modification of this Disclaimer

I, as the owner of this blog reserves the right to change the contents of this disclaimer

Readers’ computer system corruption

I am not liable for any virus or any corruption of your computer system or any other device that this blog is accessed with.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

I may disclose information I have about you to government or law officials, if it gets binding on me to reply to legal requests, in order to comply with the law.


I (probably even WordPress.com) cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of data deemed to be confidential, as no communication over the internet is yet 100% secure. So any information you supply is at your own risk.

Comments policy

  • Don’t use keywords in your comment form name – use your name, blog title, or a pseudonym that resembles a name you want to be known as.
  • Don’t stuff your comment signature (which is unnecessary – use the form) with links and qualifications on what kind of an expert you think you are. Let your comment speak for your expertise.
  • Don’t leave time waster comment nonsense like “Cool”, “I like your article”, “You make a good point”, “I need this”, and “This is great.”
  • Don’t leave long link addresses that deteriorate the web page design. Put them in an HTML anchor tag with descriptive text that tells the reader where the link is going and what it is about.
  • Don’t attack the blogger(s) nor other commenters. Attack the content if you have to attack, not the person.



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