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I generate traffic and leads to your online assets and grow them


I run cricket-based, hip-hop-based and quotes-based blogs and write content for businesses


I run MyZeroPlans - a Travel & Experience Companion


I am an online entrepreneur from Pune, Maharashtra, and I run MyZeroPlans - a Travel and Experience Companion. I help businesses gain more customers through effective digital marketing techniques.   If you have anything you want to say to me or want to work with me, you should get in touch with me...



2017 - present

a Travel & Experience Companion
2017 - present

The Cricket Scope is a cricket blog with regular columns, reports, analysis, features, reviews and humour.
2017 - present

Worldwide Hip-Hop project. Focus on Education, News, Features, People, Events, Recommendations, Humour. Respect the history, embrace the future.